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The Isle Of Man TT or IOM TT as it is popularly known is the greatest motorbike road race in the world.  The races are over 100 years old and each year brave riders risk life and limb (literally!) in the pursuit of ultimate glory that is to be crowned champion of the Isle Of Man races.

The 2017 Isle Of Man TT promises to be the best yet with the 5th year since the reintroduction of the lightweight class as well as the usual heroics of the Superbikes.  Popular riders such as Guy Martin, Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness are scheduled to take part and the atmosphere will be electric! There are no video feeds on this website so please look elsewhere or view on TV

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As the TT circuit is over 37 miles long, it is very hard to broadcast the races live due to the sheer volume of cameras and crew required.  You can watch various Isle of Man TT live stream feeds online.

The Isle Of Man Mountain Course is made up of sweeping road and hills being 37.7 miles in length.  It has been in its current form since 1920.


There are various, well-known, corners and mile markers on the Isle of Man TT mountain course and live commentary usually refers to these places as the riders fly past. 

You may hear popular areas such as 'McGuinness is flying past quarry bends' mentioned and the main areas are shown in the map below.  In fact in 2015, John McGuinness had an area of the course name after him, it is a sweeping bend now known simply as 'McGuinesses', listen out for this in this years commentary.


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In recent years, competitors have become somewhat the celebrity with the likes of Guy Martin securing several BBC TV programmes deals off the back of his Isle of Man TT popularity.

The 2012 Senior TT was cancelled due to the weather but the Senior (the flagship race) 2013 results were as follows:

1. John McGuinness (Honda)
2. Michael Dunlop (Honda)
3. Bruce Anstey (Honda)
4. James Hillier (Kawasaki)
5. Guy Martin (Suzuki)